Attractive Patio Awnings Outdoor Living At Its Best

The outdoor space design of the backyard is finally catching up to the architectural design of the house. No longer does the living space stop at the exterior door but continues to the usable area in and around the house. Depending on where you are located, seasonal or year around outdoor space has become part of the overall designed space to compliment and coordinate with the interior rooms. Outdoor designs have combined the qualities of nature with the comfort, choices and integral detail of the indoor space designs. The outdoor environment has become more functional and organized by this confluence of interior design standards resulting in an indoor/outdoor unified concept.

The backyard space and form is defined by the many limiting features such as the good neighbor fence, trees, green areas, patios, gazebos, trellis, walkways and furnishings to name a few.The outdoor usable patio area when enclosed by a weather proof roof is further defined as a open room rather than an open space and also extends the usability of the patio during inclement weather. This can be accomplished by adding an inexpensive beautiful retractable awning rather than the high cost of an addition to the house and all its maintenance.

To make the awning unify the design spaces there must be a natural flow and circulation between the indoor rooms and outdoor space. This will be controlled by the inviting placement and size of the retractable awning compared to the house, backyard and patio spaces. Access to the kitchen and location of the exterior doors will help in determining the preferred placement of the patio and attachment of the retractable awning.

The retractable awning is available in various colors, patterns and sizes, both standard and custom. The water resistant canopy offers protection from the rain and UV rays to the users and furniture for many seasons. Most standard canopy opening and closing functions are done by a manual crank with a handle that fold away out of site. There are retractable awning operational options for larger or custom made awnings that include an electric open/close control with or without a remote and weather sensor awning opening when rain is detected. These options are costly but maybe offset by their ease of operation. Awning accessories include valances, complete side screening and or drop curtains for more insect and weather protection.

Besides the beauty of the retractable awning there are many improvements such as; increased water resistance of the canopy, better blocking of the sun's UV rays, automatic operation of the opening and closing either by remote or rain sensitive controls and stronger frames and supports to with stand greater wind forces all resulting in an extended patio season that benefits the owners. Besides the functionality of the retractable awning they also have improved the quality and options of color, patterns and size (both width and extended length) of the canopy material resulting in an attractive addition to your outdoor living. Contact a local patio rep to discuss your project and the availability of a beautiful retractable patio awning.

By: rblaw