Bedlocker The Only Retractable Electric Tonneau Cover

Have you ever seen a retractable desk top the type that features a paneled wooden topper that glides side to side over the top of the desk, and, when shut, conveniently hides the stored contents? In fact, when one thinks about it, a rolltop desk works similarly to the opening and closing of a garage door.

Pace-Edwards' BedLocker retracting tonno cover operates a lot like both the retractable desk top and garage door. BedLocker 's blanket, or top material, is made of two inch wide, quarter inch thick, black powder-coated metal panels that slide along heavy-duty side rails anchored to the innermost lip of both truck bed rails. And again, envision garage door quickly and smoothly rolling into an opened and out-of-the-way position. That, too, is a picture of how the BedLocker operates on your truck bed. The contrast being, the BedLocker cover assembly disappears into a 12 inch by 12 inch housing attached at the front of the pickup truck bed. Out of sight but not out of mind.

Acknowledge also that BedLocker is the lone electric operated retracting lid on the tonno market that opens and closes with the aid of a handy remote control. It 's the downright best in truck cover usefullness. Think about this: your arms are loaded-down with sacks of groceries as you leave the shopping mall and approach your pickup truck. What should someone do?


Just hit the button on your hand held remote and voila! The BedLocker cover completely rolls to an opened setting in a few seconds.

But how does BedLocker function in stormy weather? Rather well, actually. To keep water from entering between the lid panels, Pace-Edwards uses patented rubber hinges to link the sturdy metal panels. Additionally, the top is made not to freeze-over or fall apart from excessive snow. Once more, the frame and slats are constructed of sturdy aluminum with a black powder coat finish equating to exceptional strength, security and style. The manufacturer tested the top by placing 300 lbs. of weight right in the center of the lid assembly ... without incident. Pace-Edwards is so confident in the BedLocker's strength, they've included a generous 3-year warranty.

Pace-Edwards custom-designed the BedLocker to fit the specific pick up truck application for which it was intended. This exact tonno cover also showcases a remote cargo light to make it easier to see what you are doing in dark surroundings. Pace-Edwards lays claim that you can install the BedLocker yourself in approximately one hour. It really depends upon the truck owner's caliber of mechanical inclination.

BedLocker retracting remote controlled tonneu completely opens in less than thirty seconds. Nonetheless, the remote control gives you the option to stop the top anywhere from the tail gate to the front of the bed.

Another useful feature is the drill-free installation. You don't have to drill any holes or cut into the truck bed. It's a one hundred per cent clamp-on procedure.

But is it worth the $1200.00-plus cost? It depends.

Some customers who purchased the BedLocker remote tonno were pleasantly surprised by the good quality components. Other people said that it was very secure with no rattling. Some had difficulty with the included instructions, but were agreeable once they talked with Pace-Edwards helpful technical services unit.