Different Types Of Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is a mechanical device that controls opening and closing mechanisms of a garage door. Mostly, garage door openers are controlled by switches that are fixed on the garage wall. These days, garage doors are also mechanized to be controlled by remote controls.

Generally, garage door openers are classified into two broad categories. They have been explained as follows:

Electric opener

There is a popular misbelief that electric garage door openers are devoid of the lifting power to open and/or close a heavyweight garage door. In actuality, it is because of the counterbalance springs that are responsible for lifting a door with the help of steel offset cables. An electric garage door opener comprises of a power unit. This unit contains the electric motor and is attached to a track. A trolley that is connected to an arm at the top of the door moves back and forth, thereby opening and closing the door. This trolley navigates along the track with the help of a chain that can turn when the motor is operated. A quick-release mechanism is responsible in allowing the trolley to be disconnected from the door opener so that it can be operated manually when there is any technical glitch. The entire arrangement is fixed above the door. The power unit is suspended from the ceiling at the rear part of the garage.

Remote control

The initial garage door opener remote controls used to simple and comprised of a transmitter and receiver that controlled the opening mechanism. The transmitter would operate on a designated frequency, the receiver would search for a radio signal. Thereafter, the door would open or close. Such door openers underwent an evolution and thereafter experienced a shared frequency problem. To fix this problem, door opening systems required a preset digital code through dip switches on both the receiver and transmitter. These door openers intended to avoid interference with similar systems in the neighborhood. Such door openers again went through changes and this time they incorporated a frequency spectrum range of about 300-400 MHz the upgraded door opener remote controls could prevent executors from recording a code. The signal is supposed to be unique and different from the other signals in the neighborhood, these remote controls were designed in a way that only an owner could operate his garage door.

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By: Gardner