History Of Velux Blinds

Velux windows are a product which was founded in Denmark in the 1940s is now a hugely popular product and still in huge demand. It allows home owners to utilise their attic space as an extra bedroom or even storage space as the velux window is essentially a window for a loft or attic room allowing light and sufficient airflow in the space where a traditional window would be difficult to fit in such a space. First installed in a Danish school this now popular product is becoming a nice economic addition to many homes.

Velux are now the leading manufacturer of roof windows as they are well known to be light, functional and most importantly very sturdy. The company was started and developed on the Velux window itself but now also provides an excellent range of double glazing products aswell. As for every window they require some sort of dressing i.e. curtains, blinds or something else. Velux have a range of beautiful blinds to go with the windows itself, the needs of the blinds are obvious in the sense that they are used as normal to control light and provide privacy and security to residents of the home.

The idea of light control isn 't just for the basis of controlling light, research suggests that effective light control to a property can have psychological and health benefits also other benefits include energy saving capabilities on electric and gas. Another benefit of having velux blinds is the added security it can provide as research was done that suggests people who have blinds fitted in the home reduced their risk of being burgled dramatically.

A concern many homeowners have is that fitting velux blinds may be pointless as the roof height is quite high and they may not be able to control the blinds themselves. Don 't worry though this has been thought of to the point that remote control blinds can be fitted to help with the opening and closing of the blinds. You could literally have reasonably sized remote that will provide the function of opening and closing the blinds however you wish. Of course this costs a little more than usual however the feature is ideal for a number of homeowners just to make life a little easier.

By: Mithul