How Do Garage Door Remotes Work

It has always been a bother for most individuals to manually open their garage entrance by getting out of their car, opening the gates, and parking the car inside, before finally closing the gates. But thanks to modern technology, garage door remotes were introduces as a hassle-free way in opening your gateway. This modern tool's concept was basically patterned to the electric garage opener wherein a button is located near the entrance of the garage gate. Historically this electrically operated device was invented way back in the early 1900's but did not become well known up until the end of the Second World War.

The sole purpose of garage door remotes is to open and close the entrance from a certain distance without the need of the driver to get out of the vehicle. This wireless device may be utilised in opening the gate both from the inside and from the outside of the garage. Remote controlled openers are basically composed of a transmitter and a receiver; the transmitter of which is the remote while the receiver is a motor attached to the gate. This device works with the fundamental concept of the remote transmitting a radio signal to the receiver to block or unblock the gateway. During the earlier years of the wireless garage openers, these tools came with only a single button which is essentially for signaling the receiver to pull the doors open or push them close. However, in this present generation, garage gate remotes appear with multiple buttons that have various functions. Nowadays, remote controls of garages can now have command in the opening and closing speed of the gates. Apart from that, there are also some remotes that have specific buttons that could only send a signal to a particular those gates with multiple openers. Moreover, there are also remotes that have a certain button that functions as a wireless switch of the garage lights. Since this device is on the whole controlled by radio signals, there is a growing concern in relation to the security of the piece of equipment. This is because of the huge possibility that door openers may open a different gate because they work on the same frequency level. It is a good thing that this problem was overcame by giving each garage transmitter and receiver a specific code by which they will only respond. An even more high tech and modern way of reducing security threats is having a sensor installed as a garage remote. However, this type of up to date safety device is very impractical since it costs a lot of money.