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Programming a keyless remote   by Stuart Pearson

in Autos    (submitted 2011-09-26)

How much will your dealer charge for programming a keyless remote?

$50? More? No way!

Do it yourself. Its easy.

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These pages will describe how to program a keyless remote for a range of vehicles.

Lincoln, Ford

Programming your remote for Lincoln models Aviator, Blackwood, Continental (2000 on), Navigator and town cars starting 2004.

You can program up to 4 transmitters for any individual car.

To start, have all the transmitters (remotes) with you, sit in the driver's seat with the engine off and the handbrake on or transmission locked (park).

Close all the doors and activate the electronic door lock to lock, then unlock.

Next (and it seems strange, but you will see when you do it) cycle the ignition key to the run position and back 8 times. Finish in the run (on) position. On, off, on, off…..8 times. When you finish listen for the door locks to activate.

Hear that? Now don't waste time because you now have 20 seconds to press the lock button on each transmitter (remote). You will hear the locks activate for each one.

Now turn the ignition key off. The locks will cycle, indicating the end of the procedure.

Next check each remote in turn to ensure they all work. Should one not work you will need to replace the battery. This means that you will need to repeat the whole procedure for ALL of the remotes when the new battery in one is installed. Don't just do that one. You must do them all, but hey, you've had some practice, so now you will be real good at it.

Programming a Keyless Remote

Ford Ranger 2006

Place the key in the ignition and within 10 seconds switch the key on/off 8 times.

You will finish with the key in the on position and when you stop you will hear the door locks activate.

Next push any button on the remote and you will hear the doors lock and unlock again.

Turn the ignition off and try the remote.


Saturn 1997 - 99

Program the RKE

Sometimes when there is a lot of traffic noise it is impossible to tell whether the car has locked. This is a way to make the horn sound once when you press the lock button one time and twice when you press the unlock button.

First place the key in the ignition in the off position.

Then locate the OBD2 connector which is mounted under the dash, above the pedals. This has a series of pin sockets. Locate sockets 4 (from the left) and 8 (the last one).

Now short these together by placing some conducting material (wire, hair clip, paper clip, but scrape any plastic or coating off so they make proper contact) in socket 4 and the other end in socket 8.

Listen for a chirp from the horn. You know you have made the connection.

Now turn the key on and off 4 times. On, off (1) on, off (2) on, off (3) on, off (4).

Straight away press both the lock and unlock buttons on the remote, holding both down until you hear the horn beep 4 times.

Remove the wire from sockets 4 and 8 and you are finished.

Test by pressing the lock button once and the horn will sound once. Press unlock and it will sound twice.

Now you can tell when your car is locked even when its noisy.