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Remote Viewing Training - The Secret Way To Learn!   by Charles Mentreut

in Education    (submitted 2011-09-08)

Remote viewing refers to remotely viewing objects, people or events that are otherwise imperceptible though man's ordinary five sense organs.

Thus, though you will not be able to view these naturally, but with a trained inner psychic ability, you will be able to perceive remotely without even being there physically.

Remote viewing mustn't be confused with out of body experiences such as astral travel. While the former is about remotely viewing something, the latter is about leaving your physical body and traveling in spirit to a different place.

Remote viewing is really a form of psychic dowsing, where you're using psychic power to seek what you want to find. If you know how to do remote viewing, you can use this form of ESP to locate what you want to find.

Even if you don't think you are psychic, in fact you are. Every human being has at least some level of psychic ability and that is inborn naturally. The problem is, for many of us, this has not been fully developed in our youth. Because most of us only use about 10% of our brains' capacity, the vast majority of us have 90% of our brainpower left untapped and unused. In fact, this is a waste, and most of us are not quite sure what we could do with it.

Imagine, though, if you could just 'reach out' and know that your children were fine while they were away from you. Wouldn't that give you incredible piece of mind and security that would come with knowing you could use remote viewing whenever you needed to for your benefit? Simply, this would be -- and is -- priceless.

The differentiator that remote viewing has over and above other kinds of psychic powers is that it is mush easer to learn. Research shows that once non-psychic individuals are shown how to enter a trance like state of mind, the remote viewing activities thus experienced are highly accurate.

The following are the techniques that one can try on their own:

1. Arrange for a quiet place with minimum chances of distractions and sit closing your eyes.

2. Relax and breathe deeply through your nose. You will find your breathing may be easier to control if you press your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth. This will also curb your tendency to yawn during this phase.

3. One of the core aspects to your success is your belief. As and when you descend deeper and deeper into your relaxed state you need to truly believe from within that you can remotely view objects, people and events.

4. To begin with, choose a simple target like viewing yourself from another angle to show your mind that you are able to have psychic experiences. You can try to see yourself from an opposite perspective, that is, the way which a person standing in front of you would have seen you. Though it will be a tough task in the beginning, but when you ultimately end up seeing yourself like that, you would be in for a great surprise!

5. Once you can master the mental control needed to view yourself from a remote perspective, cast your remote viewing eye a little wider, and observe a location you know very well. Perhaps a parent's home or family member will suffice while you're training your mind. Notice small things that may be out of place, such as dishes on the sink or magazines on the table. When you get a chance, call and confirm what you saw. This reinforcement of what you've seen is important, because it will show you what your mind is really capable of achieving.

A good idea would be to involve another second person in your remote viewing endeavor. In that way the feedback or the results would be available quicker and they would be more accurate.

So, to do this, get your friend to sit in some other part of the house where you can't see or hear him at all, and have him do something over and over again. It might be tugging on his ear or picking up and putting down the same object. You are trying to see if you can perceive what you friend is doing in that remote room. Then, once you think you may have done it, contact her to see just how correct you were.

Attaining a trance state like mental condition is something which will come to you in a much easy way once you have spent a considerable time practicing your remote viewing training skills.

This is a similar state of relaxation to the trance-like state of relaxation reached under hypnosis. While still conscious of what is going on, the body relaxes enough to access the subconscious mind.

Our psychic abilities are very easily accessible through the subconscious, so the more you practice remote viewing training techniques, the better you'll be at it.