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RKE (Remote Keyless Entry)Technology & Its Mechanism   by James Jacob

in Autos    (submitted 2011-10-12)

RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) technology is designed to remotely control a vehicle. It offers the rider with several convenient features as well as protects the vehicle from various theft attacks. Scroll down the page, and know more about this technology.

Many of the modern cars come equipped with remote keyless entry as a standard feature. This technology is used to lock/unlock the doors, release the trunk latch, and turn on/off the interior lights and the ignition. All these functions are performed without any physical connection to the vehicle. You just press a button from a significant distance of 25 to 50 feet, and the requested task is performed. It sounds like a sci-fi movie, but if you have a car equipped with remote keyless entry, you can enjoy all these features.

Mechanism of this technology is based upon the transmission of wave-based signal between the remote device and electronic modules. Electronic modules are responsible to translate the coded input from the remote device into commands for the driver output. In the whole mechanism, the code installed both in the circuit chip (within the remote device) and an electronic receiver (kept inside the vehicle) plays a significant role. The code is detected, processed, and then verified by the receiver. If it's valid, the receiver generates a bus message command, and send it to the electronic modules so that the requested task can be performed. Keyless remote technology operates at a fixed radio frequency. If your device doesn't work properly, even from a normal distance, you must check for two things â€" Either it has a week battery, or a stronger radio transmitter is there close by.

Cars equipped with this technology can remotely be controlled, that provides the rider a great comfort in term of its use. Pressing a button from distance, you can come to know whether your car is locked or not. In case your car is parked in a busy parking lot, this device can assist you in finding the location, as pressing a button will result in flashing of headlights and a distinct sound. Moreover, you can arm/disarm the alarm device just by a click. The core feature of RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) technology is the security, it facilitates to the vehicle. The level of security is robust enough to prevent the vehicle from scanning and grabbing attacks. Algorithm complexity makes it virtually impossible to scan the code by any cryptographic mean.

This technology came to auto industry in 1983. Initially, it could not get so much popularity, but after 1989 when General Motors Ltd opted it for its W-platform vehicles, the technology began to get widespread popularity. Today, it comes with almost every new model of cars. But if someone who has a car not equipped with this feature can also get it installed through a reliable locksmith in/around his area. Internet is the best place to search for keyless remote for your car. You can find some reputed automotive locksmiths who offer keyless remotes at reasonable rates. You can select a reliable one in your area to buy the remote. However, you should confirm if he provides the keyless remote for your car's model. Using Internet, you can compare the locksmiths for what they offer, and can get your deal at competitive rate.