What Are Ip Remote Control Systems

Time and money are two resources no one can afford to waste. In this article I'd like to discuss and demonstrate how companies can stop wasting both these vital resources. Many companies send out highly qualified technical engineers and all the travels expenses that come with that to simply restart a piece of hardware or type in a few commands to reconfigure the equipment. The solution to this is remote control and although your first thoughts may be of remote control cars and helicopters I like to discuss a different aspect called IP remote control.

These IP remote control devices allow you to control hardware over the internet. You can access remote systems and make quick changes to the configuration or reset/reboot a device all from the comfort of your office desk rather than expensive on-site visits. By simply connecting these devices to your hardware via digital or dry inputs and also using relay outputs or open collectors the IP remote control unit is then connected to a network via standard Ethernet and if internet access is available can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world. Below are some examples of these types of products.

I/O Controller - Ethernet converter

I/O Controller has 8x digital inputs and 8x digital outputs this allows remote control of binary inputs, outputs and a RS-232 serial line over Ethernet. Two boxes can be connected to each other thus prolonging the inputs, outputs and serial line over Ethernet. A typical application will control several relays and RS-232 line over Ethernet. An advanced application is for example a small "terminal" capable of connecting a bar code reader, LCD display, setup buttons and diagnostic LEDs.

IP Relay ER02a - 2x 230V-rated relay

IP Relay ER02a is a RS-232 / RS-485 serial line converter with two 230V-rated SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relays. The ER02 is designed for remote monitoring of Ethernet devices over a serial console. Remote reset can take place by shorting an internal reset button, or by disconnecting 110/230V power supply. Contacts of IP Relay ER02a are certified for switching mains power.

Portbox - RS-232/485 - Ethernet converter

This is an RS-232 (RS-485) serial line to Ethernet converter. Communication is done over TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Portbox has built-in support for the Virtual Serial Port, 9-bit communication and RS-485 question-answer communication. A typical application is remote access to equipment controlled over RoS-232 or RS-485. Another possible application is extending the RS-232 communication over Ethernet and converting it back to RS232 the other end. Also comes with free software utility for easy device setup and testing.

Damocles 2404i features 24 dry contact inputs and 4 relays controlled over an IP network (Ethernet)

Damocles 2404i provides access to 24 binary inputs (for contacts) and 4 relay outputs over an IP network. The 2404i model supports one temperature sensor connected to the RS-232 interface. Upon closing the selected inputs or their combination, Damocles sends a customisable text e-mail (2 recipients) or a SNMP trap (up to 4 recipients). Alerts can be delayed by a defined time (for example, to send an email if a freezer door stays open for more than 5 minutes). The Damocles 2404i is typically used as a remote relay control to switch on or off other devices (SNMP web relay, remote restart or remote relay).